Foam-In-Box only expands when, where and as you need it.

Foam-In-Box created on-demand and place where needed for precision cushioning, high-speed void fill or heavy-duty blocking and bracing, and is completely adjusted to the shape of your product. It also reduces material handling compared to traditional packaging materials. With this packaging process, you can economically and efficiently protect your products of almost any size, shape and weight.

Advantages of using Foam-In-Box

  • Superior packaging protection with lightweight material, lower shipping cost,
  • No extra equipment cost, easy operation and save time,
  • Can conforms to nearly any product shape and size,
  • Easy to use, activates with the touch of a hand, anytime, anywhere,
  • Expands in seconds to form custom-fit protective foam cushions,
  • Less storage space compared to traditional packaging materials.

Available sizes:

Handy foam 10# Size: 350 * 410mm
Handy foam 40# Size: 460 * 580mm
Handy foam 80# Size: 530 * 620mm
Foam-In-Box can be used to create pads for layering, wrapping and targeted areas for protection. It is a simple way offering excellent protection to your products from damages during shipping, warehousing and general handling.

How it works:

1. Open Foam-In-box bag on a flat surface, press component ‘A’ to break seal.
2. Parts ‘A’ and ‘B’ are kneaded back and forth for 10-20 times on each side,
3. Place the bag into an empty box, then place your products on the foam bag. As the foam began to expand, center and hold in position the product for few second until the foam set.
4. Active a second bag, quickly place on top of the product. Close the box flaps so that the foam expand to a custom-fit top cushion.




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