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LSY Zen Solutions Sdn Bhd is a spin off from our LSYZEN Group of companies  which was established  since 2004 under a Joint Venture between a US Manufacturing and LSYZEN Group Head Quarters based out of Malaysia.  Operations started full scale under Zen Solutions flagship in Malaysia in the year 2006. Our operations began to support South East Asia and Far East Asia customers since 2006 and currently providing support across 17 countries.  At present, we are supporting almost all Leading Logistics Providers and Multi-National Manufacturers in South East Asia, Far East Asia, Europe and US with joint alliance of principal and global partners.

“ Welcome to The World of Protective Packaging like No Other Company ” – 2 New Products launch 2021

LSY Zen Solutions Sdn. Bhd. has been active in supporting customers across SEA Region and Far East Region on various packaging applications for more than 10 years. Our customer base has grown ever since due to our endless efforts in providing overall support which covers reasonable packaging cost, professional consultation, total business solutions, training programs for operators and technical training on related matters on up keeping of our equipment.

In view of this business development, we recognise new innovation of protective packaging material is needed to support Industry growth. Thus, LSY Zen Solutions will be introducing our 2 new excellent products – Foam In Box and Suspension & Retention.

These 2 new products require zero equipment cost and maintenance cost, environmental friendly, user friendly and provided best protection to your products from damage as the packaging will be lighter in terms of weight. Furthermore will translate to lower shipping cost too.

Feel free to contact us to find out more !!!

Global competition and increasing production cost, rising material cost and direct labour cost have been seen reducing overall profits of an organization worldwide.  In view of this, Zen Solutions was established to assist any organization / companies wanting to maintain their operation cost without compromising quality and improve efficiency and overall organization bottom line.

Management Team’s are struggling in achieving cost competitiveness as most suppliers sell packaging products at high price to please their respective organizations and achieve their Internal Sales Targets yearly.

At LSY Zen Solutions Sdn Bhd we are part of you and we want to share the burden equally as we care for our valuable customers. As the saying goes

“What will become of us, If our customers are no more”

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